Welcome to OneWay

Who are we?

OneWay is a New Testament church under the authority of Almighty God and the Lordship of His Son, Jesus Christ. We put great emphasis on each Christian diligently pursuing his relationship with Jesus, while encouraging and helping others to do the same. The three most fundamental building blocks of our ministry are line-upon-line Bible study, corporate worship in music and song, and corporate prayer.

What are our services like?

Our Sunday services at OneWay incorporate prayer, worship, and Bible study, followed by fellowship over coffee, juice, and snacks. On the first Sunday of each month we stay a bit longer and have a fellowship meal together.

All of our services and meetings are laid-back and casual in terms of style and dress, but we are very serious about our study, worship, and prayer. We welcome you to stop by and join us any time! Check the link to the right for service times and directions.