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Judges 20:1-17

April 30, 2017 Pastor Dave Salerno Judges 20:1-17 Then all the children of Israel went out, and the congregation was assembled as one man, from Dan even to Beer-sheba, with the land of Gilead, unto Jehovah at Mizpah. And the chiefs of all the people, even of all the tribes of Israel, presented themselves in […]

Judges 19:1-30

April 23, 2017 Pastor Dave Salerno Judges 19:1-30 And it came to pass in those days, when there was no king in Israel, that there was a certain Levite sojourning on the farther side of the hill-country of Ephraim, who took to him a concubine out of Beth-lehem-judah. And his concubine played the harlot against […]

Judges 18:14-31

April 16, 2017 Bill Edwards Judges 18:14-31 Then answered the five men that went to spy out the country of Laish, and said unto their brethren, Do ye know that there is in these houses an ephod, and teraphim, and a graven image, and a molten image? now therefore consider what ye have to do. […]